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Welcome to the only Nuru Providing Massage Parlour in London with a purpose built Nuru Massage Room.

We have tried in the next few pages to show what we have to offer within the walls of our Soapy Massage fulfilling Massage Parlour. In over many years of business and have tried to maintain a set standard for our customers, we like to think we have succeeded.

All our clients are provided with their own Private Massage Rooms, this allows for total privacy and comfort; we have many Massage Rooms in total and up to many Masseuses working daily. We have a relaxed TV Lounge where you can appreciate light refreshments and the organization of our charming Masseuses.

We have fabricated notoriety throughout the years for making our customers feel calm; many have turned into our companions. You can be guaranteed that you will visit a Massage Parlor that puts its customers’ needs above all else. We also have a Jacuzzi, Showers in all the rooms and for the ultimate experience, a Soaps Suds Room, the only Massage Parlour in the London, possibly the Country to offer this style of Thai Massage. Additionally, we are also able to use our purpose built room to offer Nuru Massage services, quite possibly the ultimate in erotic slip and slide massages.

We offer a number of Massages which are all full-body massages and are offered Naturist or Glamour, your choice at no extra charge!

One of the most enjoyable things in the world

One of the most recent exotic back massages to spread quickly all through the UK is the Nuru Massage.

Nuru Massage London was in the ideal position to offer this type of massage when its popularity soared recently.

With as of now having the reason constructed soap suds room, the change to the Nuru Massage was a straightforward one as the main additional thing that was required was the Nuru Gel.

As soon as this was sourced, we were among the first in the country to offer this type of very sensual and sexy massage.

Soap Suds or “Soapy” Massage

Executive Massage

For a definitive affair, appreciate a Thai style “Body To Body” Soap Suds/Soapy Massage.

It is an experience not to be missed. No words can aggregate up the joys it brings.

The Thai Soap Suds Massage starts with a 20 minute massage, followed by a Body to Body Massage done with soap-suds and water and carried out in our special purpose built Soap Suds Room and finishing with a shared shower.

Why not treat yourself to a pampering session with our ‘Executive Massage’? Our Executive Massage is an hour appointment in our purpose built executive suite.

Starting off with a shower, this massage also includes a shared Jacuzzi with the lady of your choice. She will join you in the Jacuzzi where she will help to bathe you and add to the erotic yet relaxation experience.

The Executive Suite also includes a massage couch and double bed for clients who wish to choose an ‘all in’ option.

We have now received the Nuru Gel so Nuru Massage London is now offering a Nuru Massage in London.

Nuru Massage London

A Nuru Massage, also called Body Slide is a massage performed with a special kind of massage gel called Nuru Gel. The nuru gel is extremely cool and agreeable when you apply it to your skin, while getting a nuru massage the masseuse will rub your whole body with the nuru and slide on you for an ideal body to body massage.

The nuru gel is made from deep seaweed and is transparent, tasteless, odourless, extremely slippery and smooth. The gel is cool when applied to the skin, when getting a nuru massage the masseuse/masseur rubs the body of the client with the nuru gel and slides on it for an exotic body to body massage.

For a general guide to how a Nuru Massage will be performed, please visit our Nuru Massage London.

The Nuru and Soap suds are performed precisely the equivalent; in any case, the Nuru Massage utilizes Nuru gel instead of the foamy soapy bubbles.

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